Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beauty Shared With The Neighborhood

We saw a news broadcast this past week in which a Researcher from OHSU was being interviewed in the Rose Gardens and again on a street in downtown Portland.  We commented on how beautiful and well cared for Portland is. 
In Our Neighborhood
 The beautiful areas of Quezon City, where we live now, are for the most part behind high walls and guarded gates.  They can’t be enjoyed unless you are allowed to pass through the gates. 

However, the Temple grounds are open to view through an iron fence and a guarded gate.  It is a showplace of beautifully cared for landscaping.  It is definitely a fresh, clean site in the neighborhood.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the variety of plants and flowers surrounding the Temple.

You may have noticed a flower lei around Norma’s neck in last week’s blog.  The leis were made from flowers that had fallen on the ground around the Temple and the apartments, where we live.  Some of the flowers are so prevalent they fall as leaves in the fall, without anyone noticing or missing them from the bushes.
In Our Neighborhood

That’s all for today,

Enjoy the Gallery!

Lei From Fallen Blossoms
Our Garden
The Hedge Behind Our Apartment
The Blue Bush
Color Everywhere
Small Palms
Larger Bamboo Palms
Bougianvillea Yearound
Yellow Flowered Ground Cover
Pretty Intense
More Intense
Just The Right Color For A Lei
Shade from the Sun
Even Wrinkled Leaves
A Warm Garden
The Garden Wall
Little Orange Buttons
Miniature Palms
More Blossom Than Leaves
Blooms In The Shade
More Bougianvillea
Golden Sunshine
Shaped Ficus
A Fire Tree
A Fan Palm
Red Palm
Thick Leaves
A Fern?
The Fire Tree
The Cool Sound Of Water
We love you,
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister

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  1. Those flowers are just gorgeous. I bet the fragrance there is wonderful too. I am glad that you are getting to be in such a pretty place with such beautiful people.
    We miss & love you,
    Lis, Nathan, Toby & Ali