Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bye Bye Tantrums

The only thing of significance this week is the hard work I have been doing in order to change my blog program.  Though I have generally enjoyed the bloging experience over the past three years or so, much of my time during the past year has been spent “cursing” Blogspot because it has been almost impossible to download photos.  As you know a large part of my blog is devoted to images, so you can imagine that, in the middle of my weekly organization of the blog presentation, when the Blogger will not allow me to download the photos, I can “lose it” and say some things that Norma doesn’t want to hear.  Not only that, she worries about my blood pressure.  The weekly tantrum is normally triggered during the three to four hours (sometimes five to six on bad days) of blog work.

The problem with Blogger is something that has been going on for over a year.  When we inquire about a “fix”, they say they know about the problem and it will be repaired soon.  Well after a year with no “fix” I have decided to move to WordPress. 

I have experimented with WordPress and find that, even though it isn’t perfect for me, it is a wonderful program and has many more possibilities than Blogger.  Its imperfections for me are basically my own ignorance.  The problems I have with it can be corrected with some additional education.  As an old man with little intuitive computer sense, it may take some time to understand how to make the proper adjustments.  In the mean time I will be satisfied with its little quirks.  You should just be tolerant and know that some of the alignment adjustments will in time be corrected.

The work I have been doing this past week is transferring the sixteen blogspot blogs for “Our Philippines Mission” to WordPress.  It has been a lot of work, but I plan to be finished this coming week.  I will send out the new address before June’s first blog.  The complete Philippines mission blogs will be at the new address.  Without promising anything, this blog should be the last Blogger blog for me.

Cross your fingers for me, and hope that you will receive the new address sometime this week.

That’s all for now,

We love you all,

Mom and Dad

Elder and Sister Larsen 

ps  The new blog address is: 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beauty Shared With The Neighborhood

We saw a news broadcast this past week in which a Researcher from OHSU was being interviewed in the Rose Gardens and again on a street in downtown Portland.  We commented on how beautiful and well cared for Portland is. 
In Our Neighborhood
 The beautiful areas of Quezon City, where we live now, are for the most part behind high walls and guarded gates.  They can’t be enjoyed unless you are allowed to pass through the gates. 

However, the Temple grounds are open to view through an iron fence and a guarded gate.  It is a showplace of beautifully cared for landscaping.  It is definitely a fresh, clean site in the neighborhood.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the variety of plants and flowers surrounding the Temple.

You may have noticed a flower lei around Norma’s neck in last week’s blog.  The leis were made from flowers that had fallen on the ground around the Temple and the apartments, where we live.  Some of the flowers are so prevalent they fall as leaves in the fall, without anyone noticing or missing them from the bushes.
In Our Neighborhood

That’s all for today,

Enjoy the Gallery!

Lei From Fallen Blossoms
Our Garden
The Hedge Behind Our Apartment
The Blue Bush
Color Everywhere
Small Palms
Larger Bamboo Palms
Bougianvillea Yearound
Yellow Flowered Ground Cover
Pretty Intense
More Intense
Just The Right Color For A Lei
Shade from the Sun
Even Wrinkled Leaves
A Warm Garden
The Garden Wall
Little Orange Buttons
Miniature Palms
More Blossom Than Leaves
Blooms In The Shade
More Bougianvillea
Golden Sunshine
Shaped Ficus
A Fire Tree
A Fan Palm
Red Palm
Thick Leaves
A Fern?
The Fire Tree
The Cool Sound Of Water
We love you,
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day


When I saw you down the hospital hall as you were arriving amidst our tragedy, I ran to you and we embraced.  I was instantly filled with perfect love and peaceful comfort that has lasted.  Oh sweet Mama, you have no idea how often you are a source of strength and comfort in my life.  You do many wonderful things, but that is not all I am talking about.  I’m talking about WHO you ARE!  You are an angel, the best and brightest.  I thank you for your life of a million “right” choices.  I thank you for your approval, support, friendship, patience and trust.  And I especially thank you for showing me how to have strong, powerful faith and to love the Lord.  My life is rich and happy and I thank you for your wonderful part in it.  I adore you!!!

You are a wonderful woman.  You have always been there to teach, train and remind me of what is important in life.  During our youth, you dealt with a houseful of crazy girls and still managed to have them turn out fine.  Not everyone can turn out as good as your favorite son however.  Life is tough.  You are a soft and kind person.  You are accepting of everyone and I feel you truly see them as brothers and sisters, literal children of our Father in Heaven.  You see past all the junk on the outside and know the potential of the inner person.  This is a perfect example for me, and one that I must strive daily to emulate.  It is a great deal more difficult for me to see past the “clutter”.  You show great love to everyone. You love to be lost in service.  I am sure I sought you out in my pre-mortal life because of the spirit you have and for all I could learn from you.  I love you mom, and could not be happier with any other mother.  You are the best there is!!!

Whenever I hear the song of a bird, or look at the blue, blue sky. . . .  I really do remember you.  I love that song and remember singing it to you when I was little.  I remember climbing into bed with you on Saturday mornings.  I remember playing Husker Du on the deck when I got home from school.  I remember you coming home one night with an entire car full of ice cream.  I remember summers spent picking and canning fruit with fall and winters, loving that we had all those canned pears.  I remember you patiently teaching me how to sew.  I remember you teaching me how to thrift.  I remember driving to California, just you and me.  I remember sitting and talking with you for hours.  I remember learning about food storage from you.  I remember back rubs from you.  I remember phone calls and Skype calls with you.  I remember how to take care of my family from you.
I became the woman I am today with each and every one of those memories.  I cherish them.  I cherish you.  I miss you.  I know you are serving the Lord and I will remember that too.
You are the perfect example of who I want to become.  You are wonderful.
I love you.
Words can’t articulate the love and gratitude I feel for you.  Some say that you never fully appreciate your mom until you have kids of your own.  I know that I appreciated you before I had kids, but I understand now the commitment you have to our family.  I understand the sacrifices you made for our happiness.  I understand the work involved in our upbringing.  I understand the lessons you tirelessly taught us.  I understand the patience you demonstrated and I understand the love you feel for us.  I am so blessed to have you as my mother.  I’m grateful for the siblings you and dad gave me and I’m in awe that you both succeeded in molding such a loving group of people that genuinely feel happiest when we are all together.  I’m grateful for the closeness of our family and the measures you and dad took to create and maintain that love in our family.  I have overwhelming love for you, mom, and in the words of my sweet loving Kirsten, “I am constantly amazed and thankful that I was born into this family.”  It’s such a gift.
Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being my mom.

You are such an incredible person.  I am so grateful for you.  You have taught me how to be my best me and to not give up until I accomplish it.  You are so full of unselfish love and I have always felt cherished by you.  When I reflect on what it means to have the legacy you have created, it overwhelms me.
You are the best Mama in the World!!!
I love you.

Kitta And Karen

What can I say?  You are truly a light in this World.  Nothing compares to you.  You live each day to serve and love.  You embrace others and long for their eternal happiness.  What an incredible example you are to our family, and everyone that you come in contact with!  Someone was talking about Kiki and said that she would do anything for a friend of a friend, and completely go out of her way to make sure they were taken care of and loved.  She got that from you!
I love you so much!

What a beautiful person I am blessed to call my Mother.
I continually stand in awe of your strength, your warmth and your love.
OX Karen

When I think of everything it took for you to raise us, all the sacrifices that were made and the energy you spent, I am constantly amazed and thankful that I was born into this family.  - so I believe truly that you are the strongest
Kirsten  (this is a passage found in Kirsten’s writings)

We All Love You
She's A Flower
Take A Break
Lots Of Love
In Happiness And In Sadness
Assisting Others
Enjoying Nature
Always There For You
She Has A Longer View
And Time To Meditate
I love you Norma.