Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bye Bye Tantrums

The only thing of significance this week is the hard work I have been doing in order to change my blog program.  Though I have generally enjoyed the bloging experience over the past three years or so, much of my time during the past year has been spent “cursing” Blogspot because it has been almost impossible to download photos.  As you know a large part of my blog is devoted to images, so you can imagine that, in the middle of my weekly organization of the blog presentation, when the Blogger will not allow me to download the photos, I can “lose it” and say some things that Norma doesn’t want to hear.  Not only that, she worries about my blood pressure.  The weekly tantrum is normally triggered during the three to four hours (sometimes five to six on bad days) of blog work.

The problem with Blogger is something that has been going on for over a year.  When we inquire about a “fix”, they say they know about the problem and it will be repaired soon.  Well after a year with no “fix” I have decided to move to WordPress. 

I have experimented with WordPress and find that, even though it isn’t perfect for me, it is a wonderful program and has many more possibilities than Blogger.  Its imperfections for me are basically my own ignorance.  The problems I have with it can be corrected with some additional education.  As an old man with little intuitive computer sense, it may take some time to understand how to make the proper adjustments.  In the mean time I will be satisfied with its little quirks.  You should just be tolerant and know that some of the alignment adjustments will in time be corrected.

The work I have been doing this past week is transferring the sixteen blogspot blogs for “Our Philippines Mission” to WordPress.  It has been a lot of work, but I plan to be finished this coming week.  I will send out the new address before June’s first blog.  The complete Philippines mission blogs will be at the new address.  Without promising anything, this blog should be the last Blogger blog for me.

Cross your fingers for me, and hope that you will receive the new address sometime this week.

That’s all for now,

We love you all,

Mom and Dad

Elder and Sister Larsen 

ps  The new blog address is: 

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