Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting Out In The Summer Sun

Shadow Of The Cross On The Mountainous Landscape Of Baatan
Monument To Honor Baatan POWs
We had two events this week that were note worthy.  The ninth of April was a Day of Commemoration for the Baatan Death March during the Second World War.  The other event was the fulfillment of Norma’s planning for a day trip to the Hacienda Escudero yesterday.

For us, the ninth of April was a busy day at the Temple.  The Filipino Saints are very faithful in attendance at the Temple when they have a day off work for a holiday.

As far as the Baatan Death March, it was one of the most tragic events of the war.  Thousands of American and Filipino POWs died under the torturing of the Japanese and Korean soldiers.  “The eighty-mile march was characterized by wide-range physical abuse and murder, and resulted in very high fatalities inflicted upon prisoners and civilians alike.  It was later judged by an Allied military commission to be a Japanese war crime.  These POWs had surrendered.  They were beaten, and they were starved as they marched.  Some of those who fell were beheaded by Japanese officers.  The Japanese culture at that time reflected the view that any warrior who surrendered had no honor; thus he was not to be treated like a human being.  Thus they were not committing crimes against human beings.  The Japanese soldiers at that time felt they were dealing with sub-humans and animals.” Wikipedia   When we traveled to Subic Bay in March, we drove along much of the road on which the POWs marched.  We also visited the large cross, which was built to pay tribute to those who died on the march.

Hacienda Escudero
The Temple was closed yesterday so the missionaries took a short trip to the Hacienda Escudero.  “A self-contained working coconut plantation, it was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife.  Originally planted in sugar cane, the crop was converted to coconut in the early 1900s.  A pioneering agro-industrialist, he built the country’s first working hydroelectric plant to supply his coconut factory and Villa Escudero, built in 1929.  Their children opened the estate to the public in 1981.  It has become a prime tourist destination for locals and foreign visitors.  It is a showcase for the Philippines’ cultural heritage, offering a glimpse of its history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty.”
Water Buffalo Cart Ride To The Lunch
We arrived at about ten o’clock in the morning.  We wandered through the beautifully landscaped plantation.  We visited the museum, which housed many Catholic floats and memorabilia.  Many of the floats were several hundred years old and are still used in parades on religious holidays such as last week’s Easter parade.  They are extremely priceless relics of precious metals.  They also exhibited a few large gold and silver alters.

There is a large stream running through the plantation.  It was dammed off in 1929 to create the hydroelectric plant.  This has created a nice lake for boating above the dam, and a nice waterfall over the dam.  We were fed a buffet in an outdoor dining space in the middle of the stream below the falls.  Having our feet in the water did cool us down a bit; however, the day was hot enough that swimming would be the only way to really cool down.  None of the missionaries went swimming.  The lunch was a novel experience.
Lunch Buffet Below The Falls

The entertainment in the afternoon was a demonstration of dance and costumes from various regions of the country to the music of drums and a folk-string ensemble.  It was very entertaining. 

Norma did the research and planning for the trip and provided a very successful activity for everyone.

We’ll close for now.

We love you,

Eating While Cooling Our Feet
How About Lunch On The Riv
A Little After Lunch Dip
An After Lunch Hike
An Afternoon Nap
Hard Work On The Plantation
Eternal Blossoms
See The Small Bananas On The
Drummers Ready?
Tribal Movements
Different Tribal Movements
From Mindanao
Exit Mindanao Prince
Young Drums
Another Regional Dance
More Music And Dances
A Walk Through The Gardens
Still Hungry
Good Bye Escudero
Multiple Km. Markers On Baatan Road
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister

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  1. The river restaurant & entertainment look wonderful. I am glad you had a great time. I still wish there were fish pictures. I thought that was a great idea.
    Love & miss you,
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