Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kirsten Suzanne Larsen 1983 - 2013

Kirsten And Mom
 We are temporarily in Portland and have just left a memorial service honoring the life of our youngest daughter Kirsten.  She passed away on Wednesday the seventeenth of April.  The Lord made it possible for us to have a short leave of absence from our mission in the Philippines to be home with the family.

Through the blessing of Skype, we were able to spend many hours with our family, holding vigil in the hospital, before leaving Manila.  Kirsten’s sisters and Bo, were at her bedside continuously for two days and two nights, though she never regained consciousness after the accident.

Our time at the hospital was very helpful for us.  We were able to spend some time with Kirsten before her passing, and with our family and with the doctors and the nurses who cared for her.  After determining that there was nothing else to be done, the life support equipment was removed and we were all present at her bedside as she passed away.
Kirsten And Dad

As we were leaving the room, the hospital staff, in unison, complimented us on our family’s closeness and loving nature.  We were also appreciative of the doctor’s and nurse’s professionalism and loving treatment of us all.

We are grateful for the condolences we have received from our friends around the World.  The love for our family and for Kirsten has touched our souls.  The memorial service today was organized by Kirsten’s friends.  There may have been two hundred who gathered at the park for food, music and personal testimonials.  Most everyone there stood and voiced why they loved Kirsten (Kiki to them), and why she loved them.

The facebook airwaves are filled with loving comments from friends and family.  Here is a sampling:
Kirsten And Kae

“As many of you know, my baby sister Kiki Larsen passed away this week, and even though I think to myself that no one could possibly be hurting as much as I hurt right now, I know that isn’t true.  I’ve never known anyone else loved by more people than she was.  Kirsten was magnetic - if she was in the room, we all tripped over each other to be near her.  There is no adjective that correctly describes the person she was.  She was fabulously irreverent and the funniest person I’ve ever known.  What hurts my heart the most is the thought of my children not remembering every bit of her - her laugh, her humor, her mannerisms, her wit, her creative mind, her completely awesome fashion sense, her sweet love.  The World is being robbed of her presence.  She has left a hole in our family that will never be filled.  I wish more than anything that she had more time.  It’s unthinkable that I can’t hug her anymore.  My heart aches for her, so much!”  Kae
Kirsten And Angela

“My darling baby sister,
I will miss the way my heart would skip a beat when you showed up to a family function - we were so overjoyed to spend time with you.  I will miss your glorious dimpled smile.  I will miss that husky voice and contagious laugh that could only belong to you.  I will miss the sweet smoky smell of you.  I will miss your fabulous curls, your layers of style, your head to toe draping of jewelry (bones, keys and all).  I will miss your honesty - in all its wonderful mix of truth and humor.  I will miss the way I knew you loved and appreciated me even though we lived in different worlds.  I will miss your perfect hugs - all nestled into that mane with your arms and soul wrapped tightly around me.  You are PERFECT.  You are MISSED.  You are LOVED!!!!”  Angela

Kirsten And Kitta
 “I don’t know what you are “supposed” to say right now.  One minute I am telling stories and laughing, and the next minute I am sobbing so hard I can’t move.  I laid in a hospital bed with my sister all night on Wednesday, and in the morning held my moms hand as my baby sister took her last breath.  I am broken!  Though it was only for a few days, there was safety in the hospital . . . but now, being in the “normal” world . . .I don’t know how to be.  People are living lives - eating, loving, shopping, and dancing.  I wish it would all PAUSE until I feel like I can function again.  I MIIIIISSSSSSS Kiki so much!  I long to hold her again.  Everywhere I went with her I wanted to show her off.  I wanted EVERYONE to see that I was related to someone soooo fantastic.  Somehow it made me feel important and awesome to be loved by her.  Everyone always says nice things about  those who have passed on, but SERIOUSLY, if you didn’t know her, your life was missing something life-changing.  There is nothing else like her out there.  I miss you girl!!!!! So much!!!!!” Kitta
Kirsten And Tova

There is much love in this family and at a time like this, grief is intensified.  We appreciate the message of love we are receiving.  We want to shout out our thanks!

We’ll close for now.

Kirsten And Lis
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April 15, 2013
We love you all.

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  1. This is beautiful, as always.
    I am so glad that you got to come home & be with us to say good bye.
    We all miss her. We will always miss her. I know she is happy where she is, but I wish she was still here.
    Lis, Nathan, Toby & Ali